23 04 2010

How do you pronounce that, anyway? (Not like this!)

Surely by now, you’ve all heard about this:

Your job is to find out how it happened, what effects it had, and what solutions have been offered to avoid similar problems in the future.  Vulcanologists (I’d pursue a career in that field just to be able to say “vulcanologist”) are saying that while it was a relatively small eruption, it could potentially have a massive impact.

Remember, this happened in Europe, so a lot of the coverage will have been from non-English news sources.  This might make understanding them a little bit easier.  There’s been at least one really interesting suggestion for a solution in the case of future environmental inconveniences.

This comes squarely under the banner of Society & Environment, so your final product should end up on that section of your blog, along with a list of linked information sources.  Your final product should be stand-alone – it should need no extra delivery or presentation.  Other than that, format is entirely up to you.

It’s due on Friday, April 30th.




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