28 04 2010

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!  In my absence today while I’m off learning new stuff, I’ve left a blog post as a teacher.  It has to do almost as good a job, right?

Anyway, four hours, four classes, four activities.  Strap yourself in, I’m going to run you through it.


Your job here is to apply the things we’ve learned this week about narrative introductions, by writing and posting 3 of them on the English section of your blogs.  Since they’re online, get other people to read yours, check them out, and comment on them.  Your 3 topics are listed below, but remember the following things:

  • Build intrigue.  Don’t give your reader too much information – lead them to ask questions, even if that means asking some questions yourself.
  • Decide on a genre early, and use it to help decide how you’re going to apply the story topic.
  • Use lots of interesting, descriptive language, and try to tap into your reader’s emotions by showing how your characters feel.  If they’re happy, say so.  If they’re sad, angry, scared… say so.  Try to be specific with your words though.  Is your angry character frustrated or enraged?  Is your sad character a disheartened or devastated?  Is your scared character apprehensive or petrified?

Your topics are:

  1. Labyrinth
  2. Note to Self
  3. Swarming


You can use this time to work on your Iceland Volcano stuff that’s due tomorrow.  Remember, it needs to be well-researched, detailed (no primary school half-the-information, near-enough-is-good-enough garbage!) and stand-alone. That means when it’s posted on your blog, all I need to do is press play – it shouldn’t need any other presentation from you.

Oh, and slides full of text will just be ignored.  You know better.  Also, even if you take a *cough cough* day off because you’re *cough cough* sick,” it’s still due tomorrow.  You can post things online from home.


Last chance to wear that Ecology brain this year!  We had a look the other day at the effects of Shen Neng 1 running aground on the Great Barrier Reef, and some of the impacts it had on the local ecosystem.  Your job today is to begin researching coral reefs in a more general way.  Use the web, YouTube, HowStuffWorks, or any other resources, and start to build something that demonstrates how a healthy coral reef works.  Remember to think about the energy flow through the ecosystem – starting with the sun, what counts as a producer, a primary consumer, a secondary consumer, and a decomposer?  Be specific.


Warm your brains up with 5 minutes of Live Mathletics (remember, challenge yourselves!)  After that’s done, there’ll be some fraction revision tasks.

If you’ve got any questions, I’ll have the Skype account year8stp running all day.




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