19 05 2010

Good morning all!  Here’s the rundown for today, with the followup and extension of it all to go down tomorrow.  Hour by hour, subject by subject, here’s what needs to get done.


Firstly, press on with reading the novel, but at the same time, you have a reading point – your next persuasive essay topic is another one from the Sparknotes list.  We’re looking at the following question:

How does Jack use the beast to control the other boys?

Use the evidence of Jack’s behaviour and the other boys’ reactions to it from the previous few chapters, then make use of the planning framework to start collecting the relevant ideas all in one place.

Society & Environment

You’ve all made a great start on your Egyptian history storytelling.  Keep at it!


Earlier this week, you saw some pretty dorky but informative videos on the rock cycle.  This resource here is an interesting way to think about it, without crazy soundtracks or silly accents.  Your job today is to look a little deeper into the types of rocks we saw in the rock cycle.  Where do you find each kind of rock?  Which landforms are each type of rock commonly a part of?  Does distance from the coast make a difference?  Finally, what are some common examples of each type of rock?  Also, can you do me a favour and hit this post with some comments to let me know how you’ve gone with it?


Climb into Mathletics, and keep chipping away at the unit on decimals.  In particular, focus on the addition and subtraction activities.  Don’t forget what that decimal point’s made of.




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