20 05 2010


No response on the blog yesterday about the rock cycle stuff…

Can I assume it went well?  The job to do here is to choose one of the types of rocks you discovered yesterday (when I say “type of rock” I mean granite or marble or sandstone, rather than igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary), then tell its story in a similar way to Louie the Quartzite.  Make sure your story includes all stages of the rock cycle (might need to look back at the kitchen video and the flowchart from yesterday) and tell it in whichever way you see fit….

….except for the old “do a presentaton…”


Here’s a list of things you need to be working on to package up your songs:

  • Song & lyrics finalised
  • Naming & logo (have a play with it, but we’ll take a closer look at logo stuff next week)
  • Cover art (if you haven’t got a name or logo organised, just earmark some space for them.
  • Marketing plan (Who is your demographic? Where do they go to listen to or get music? How can you put your music in front of them? Which media will you use?  What will your marketing materials look like?


How are those Egypt animations coming?  Nearly done?  Ready to get online next week?


Mathletics, decimals.  Focus on adding and subtracting again.  If you’ve conquered, pillaged, and plundered the decimal kingdom (and by that, I mean won gold bars all the way up to the adding & subtracting problems)


Yesterday you took a look at a further chapter of the book, and planned a response to the question from Sparknotes regarding Jack’s use of the Beast as a manipulative tool to control the others.  Today, blog that response.  Remember, which side of the argument you take is not as important as how well you construct your argument.  Remember to check out each other’s blog posts, then comment and critique them.  Sharing ideas and opinions is super important.




3 responses

21 05 2010

i didn’t get what to do on the rock cycle thing so i just did some research about the different type of rocks, but I’m not sure how man people got it.

21 05 2010

With the rock cycle thing, can we make it a podcast?


15 06 2010
james gaugg

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