Due This Week

31 05 2010

Don’t forget that on Wednesday your Society & Environment animations on a period of Ancient Egyptian history are due, as well as your Rock Cycle storytelling podcasts.  Remember, both of them are all about informative storytelling.  As long as the details are accurate and highly detailed, you’ve got some scope to be creative and entertaining in HOW you deliver it.


Pick a period in the history of Ancient Egypt, and using animation, tell it as a story.


Select a specific type of rock, and give it a name and a voice.  Use that character to describe the rock cycle in specific detail, explaining how that rock came to be.  Make sure you include all phases of the rock cycle.  Because it’s cyclical, it can begin at any point, so if you’re doing an igneous rock, it doesn’t begin from the time a volcano spat it out of the ground, it’s from the point it was LAST an igneous rock, weathering and eroding to form sedimentary rock, or becoming subject to heat & pressure to become metamorphic etc etc…




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