9 06 2010


You guys have speeches to research and write, no?  Take a look back at Presentation Zen’s TED Commandments to begin thinking about how you might present them, but for now you should still be very much in “inform yourself” mode.  As an extra guideline, you may use the TV or a projector when you present your speech, but you’re not allowed to have ANY text AT ALL.


Your task for the morning is to come up with an innovative way to answer the focus question that you’ll get at the start of the lesson after watching the video.  Think hard about the question, break it down, look at what sub-questions might pop up as a result.


You spent the last lesson researching the intricacies of what causes earthquakes.  This lesson, you’ll need to bottle that down into a sharp, informative podcast.  One hour.  Go!


How’d you go on Mathletics yesterday?  We’ll take a peek at it.




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