Homework from Week 2

1 08 2010

Hello All,

Just putting up a quick notice to remind you that this week you should have completed the following tasks:

  • A revision of your blog post on what you learned – you needed to get very specific about skills, knowledge and content that you now know that you didn’t previous to Year 8.
  • Post your Room 13 / Grangeton research from week 1
  • Finish and post your new ending to the ‘Choose your own adventure’ story
  • Finish the questions to the ‘Phone Call‘ story (6 of them)
  • Have handed in to me your 5 questions from the 6 children’s book stations that you visited on Friday (these will go toward the preparation section in your final mark for your children’s book)

I will be looking for the first three today on your blogs, and would like the Phone Call questions printed and handed in to me this week.

This week (Week 3), you will have Mr. Birch on Monday for class and you will revise some of the music work that you did last semester.  Several of you will also be presenting your Persuasive Talks on Thursday – Be Ready!!!

Week 4, we will be doing your online Aries unit on Computer competency.  Remember, if you are successful and receive at least 90% on your first unit, you will be able to do another unit of your choice:

  • Software
  • Hardware

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will begin the research stages for getting into the Art area for your tasks that were decided on Friday.




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