Aries Technology Learning Certificate in Computer Literacy

6 08 2010

Here is the web address of the Aries site to log in to begin your course:

We will be doing your first certificate for week 4.  The online unit is self-explanatory and easy to navigate.  Log in on Monday in my classes only, and begin your reading.

Take your time.  If you get 90% on your first unit, you will get to do another free of charge.  These certificates are nationally recognised and will look fantastic in your portfolio.

The learning environment will require you to read a section, and then take a test on that section.  Make sure you are ready to take each test before you take it.  Take notes as you read through regarding major points made on each page.  Quiz each other in small groups prior to taking any tests!  This is important to ensure you qualify for the second unit.

A word about taking notes:
After each paragraph, ask yourself what that paragraph was telling you.  If you can recall, take down the important details in dot point form (from your mind, not copied from the browser) and move on.  If you can’t recall, read the paragraph again, until you do understand the content and can make a few notes about it.  Look up any words that you don’t understand.  We reviewed this active study activity in class today, as many students were simply reading without taking notes or engaging with the text or copying sections from the page yesterday, and that isn’t learning.

Happy learning!

-Mr M




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