Work handed in update as of 12:00 Monday 16 August

16 08 2010

Hello All,

Just a quick note about Aries testing…

I recognise that we may need to revisit Aries online activity this week and next as we had to review note-taking skills and active reading on Tuesday and you had the carnival on Thursday.  This will likely take us a bit of time, but you will be expected to complete much of this for homework as we are already running short on time.

As I indicated on Friday, you need to have finished your investigation (completely) in order to pick up tools on Monday.  Only one student sent me the completed investigation for T&E.  So each day that you haven’t completed an investigation is another day that you cannot pick up tools.  I will expect my inbox to be full tonight.

Your investigation must contain all seven parts that are found on the Creation Page, otherwise it is not complete!

Here is an updated list of work in/still owing for English tasks as well:

Work in Update 160810

Parents, please have a look and talk to your student about their progress in and out of class.  Your student likely has homework to do right now!

-Mr M




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