Naming Protocol – Very Important!

17 08 2010

Hi Everyone,

Very exciting times – many of you have finished your investigations, or are almost there and it looks like you will be making stuff in no time.  As a part of feeling out this new way of doing things, I have found that as emails come in, I open things and am getting assessments mixed up as you aren’t putting names on them.

From now on, all items emailed to me should start with your name, then subject name, then assessment name, and finally version number.  So it your investigation submission would look like this:  danielmccullen_tande_Investigation1_v1

I got some very creative names for your investigations, and I am already starting to get a second submission from many of you.  This would mean that your next submission would look like this:  danielmccullen_tande_investigation_v2 (see how the version has gone to 2?  Now I know that it is updated from a previous version and I can go back and look at what improvements I requested from you before.

Thanks All!

-Mr M




One response

18 08 2010
Annette Sparks

Thanks for the work handed in update Daniel. This information on a regular basis will be very helpful.

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