Work Handed In Update as of 6 Sept, 2010

6 09 2010

Work Handed in as of 060910

Here is the most recent update – finally, my inbox is empty! Please check this list for accuracy, as I will be making phone calls home for students who are falling behind to ensure that you are locked away in your room doing homework instead of whatever it is you are doing that isn’t homework!

Now, I have not indicated anything for students who have submitted a draft of the Zoo response and have more work to do for that assessment piece.  I would like Zoo responses to be complete to a high standard before I mark it as handed in.  Most of you have submitted a draft and I have made comments, amendments and deletions as well as re-writes and clarifications of what I would like to see for this item wither in a class conference (likely if you submitted it as a keynote or a pdf) or as an email response.  Please check your inbox, as mine is now empty.

I don’t think that any items in my inbox were ever more than a week old, so please ensure that you are doing final drafts after my comments in the same timeframe.  I would expect Zoo responses to be completed prior to picture books, as it is a prep activity that will let me know you understand how picture books are constructed.  This is especially the case for Zoo responses, as I have taken the text back to Ashdale Primary School where it lives (not in a cage) and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to think of examples for your body paragraphs.

Some deadlines:

-I would expect to start seeing some short story drafts this week.  Remember, you need to check in with me at different stages of the task to ensure you are on track.  Because we have bulked up on T&E these last couple of weeks, you may need to complete this as homework.

-T&E task 1 should be wrapping up.  I should be looking at your investigation for photography now (which is what most of you have picked as a second project).

Zoo should be in the bag, as well as all of that other stuff from ages ago.

-I need your maths activities from last week.

-You will need to complete your art investigations by the end of week 9 – NO EXCEPTIONS!  They should be emailed to me and when I have given you the thumbs up, loaded onto your blog for Mrs. Luck (our visiting art talent) to look at to ensure she is giving you the requisite skills to be successful with your painting for next term.

-Talk to your parents about the $10-15 spend to get yourself materials for art that you can use in class, and then keep.  Again, there are plenty of materials available, but you might want something new to work with in this area and you may find that you want to be able to do it in your spare time after getting skilled up.  I will put out a letter when Mrs. Luck sends me a recommended list.




One response

9 09 2010
Annette Sparks

Just wondering what the H- and H+ on the work handed in spreadsheet represent?

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