Aries quizzes to see if you are ready!

30 11 2010

Here is the Aries link again, as I see many of you scrolling through pages of blog entries to find it each time.

I have opened up Units 1-4 (individually) for practice.  You can click on take exam from your homepage, and try to take these quizzes. to see how you go.  Your Aries course is made up of:

20% Unit 1-4 test,

20% Unit 5-9 test, and

60% Final Exam

I will open Unit 1-4 test once you have had the chance to practice using the activities above.

Good luck!


Charles Kingsford Smith

15 11 2010

During the roaring 1920’s and the turbulent years of the 1930’s, many amazing things were achieved by an amazing Australian Man. Charles Kingsford Smith has been named repeatedly the best Australian Aviator Ever!!

Your task for today is to create a Timeline of the achievements of Charles Kingsford Smith. Your timeline should span from 1897 (his birth) to 1935 (his disappearance) . Some great websites you may use to collate your information are:

You of course are welcome to use other sites, these a couple you could start with.

Feel free to create your Timeline on your laptops, or on paper.

As always ask questions if you need any assistance.

Reading Plus location

7 11 2010

Just a reminder of where Reading Plus is on the server:  http://curric4181-03/readingplus/.

Take your time, use your re-reads and make sure you are giving each question the attention it deserves before answering.  Anything over 70% is progress!

Work in

1 11 2010

Hello All,

Here is the latest update…  Work in update 011010

Please remember that I will not be accepting any more of the previously due work after Wednesday.

Books should be done for tomorrow’s practice reading activity.

Art projects should be finished and reflections completed for marking.

D&T will continue to be marked with Mr Pearce when I can schedule him in.  If you haven’t done reflections for that work, it will affect your mark.

Tomorrow we will also look at where we stand for the exhibition through our committees.

-Mr M