Women in World War 2

1 12 2010

Go the the following website and answer the following questions:


Look at these advertising images of the WAAAF.

1. Describe what the posters are promising women.

2. What sort of jobs are being offered?

3. To whom are the advertisements directed?

4. What is the intended response?

5. How do the advertisements try to achieve their aims?

6. Do you think they would be likely to be successful? Why?

Complete your answers on a pages document. Please ensure your answers are in FULL sentence answers.

When you have finished this, you will need to ensure that you booklet is in the correct order ready to be handed in.

The order is as follows:

1. Maps of Different regions in WA – Regions, Mining Centres, Climatic Regions
2. Factors that control climate.
3. Drawing Climatic Regions
4. Comparing Climatic Regions
5. Climatic Graph Assessment Task
6. Swan river Colony
7. Convicts of the Swan River Colony
8. Battle of Pinjarra
9. Establishing the Swan River Colony Assessment Task
10. A State Law
11. Gold Newspaper Article
12. Money on the Goldfield
13. Living on the Goldfields Handout.
14. Federation “Who’s Who”
15. Federation handout.




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