Aries Study Guides

6 12 2010

Hello Everyone,

In order to prepare for the final countdown on Aries, we will get one last opportunity to assist each other to prepare for this test by creating a study guide for each section.

Each committee group is to create a study guide outline of the information in their unit. I will do Unit 1 in dot point form.

It should be brief phrases and facts in note-taking, dot point, or outline form, not copied word for word information.

-It should be in digital form, and should encompass any info that you believe your classmates should have to prepare for the exam.

These will all be posted to the blog upon completion at the end of the day today – you will have periods 1 and 5 to complete this task and tomorrow we will play Unit 10’s game.  We will have a general review day on Wednesday and Thursday will be the Unit 1-4 Exam (p1) and the Unit 5-9 Exam (p4), with another study session p2.

Then Friday, you will take your final exam.

-Mr M

Unit 1:  Aries Unit 1 Summary

Unit 2:  Paige, Jessica, Adelle

Unit 3:  Aries Unit 3

Unit 4:  Aleks – Unit 4 – Networking Notes

Unit 5:  Unit 4 Networking- Chelsea, Andrea, Dylan

Unit 6:  aries paras

Unit 7:  ARIES POSTER Chapter 7

Unit 8:  unit 8

Unit 9:  Aries Chapter 9

Unit 10:




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