Art Gallery of Western Australia Day

What a great visit!  I know that my group got a fantastic insight into how the gallery works hard to properly display art work keeping the artist, curator and viewer in mind.

Here are the focus questions I gave you in the morning before we left for answering before the end of Friday.  Don’t wait – the longer you go without answering, the harder they will be to do:

The ART Gallery of Western Australia

You are to respond to the following questions in a way that demonstrates that you have a clear understanding of the answers:  (video, podcast, straight answers, keynote, etc)

1.   What was the most interesting piece that you saw?  Why was it interesting?

2.   What was the most uninspiring piece that you saw?  Why was it uninspiring?

3.   What was the most shocking piece that you saw?  Why was it shocking?

4.   How will seeing these pieces affect how you put your art or T&E projects together?

5.   Did you see any pieces that would have been likely to have a story behind them, like we spoke about in class?  Tell me about one of them.

6.   How did the ART Gallery present artistic pieces?  Was it different for different types of art?  Was there a norm for presentation?

7.   How will you present your Art and T&E projects on December 2?

Due:  Friday 15th Oct, by the end of the day

-Mr M

Here is some clarification about what you should be able to do and understand in Art:

The Arts Media Expected Standards C Grade Descriptors

Art Ideas

Art UnderstandingArt Skills and ProcessCourse Outline

I have had a very exciting first meeting with Marion Luck, a local artist who is going to assist us on our journey to prepare for exhibition. We have scheduled three sessions that will give you the basic skills required to go forth and create confidently.  These sessions will be held on the 18th and 19th of October.  You will need to get some base knowledge such as “how to draw” and some “colour theory” which will include some explicit teaching on how to hold the brush properly.  These sessions will take place in the afternoon on the Monday and the morning of the Tuesday.

First, you will need to get some materials.  Marion is sourcing a package that will get you going, and keep you going if you choose to continue painting beyond the Creation Project.

When this pricing is available, I will put it out in a letter to your parents.  It shouldn’t be more than $15 to get your equipment.  You may opt to utilise school supplies, but the brushes have been used before and the pallets are probably a bit small…

You will want to ensure that you have the right pencils ad erasers for the job too.

A third session will happen on the 22nd of November, where Marion will assist you to mount and hang your work appropriately.

-Mr M


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