Wednesday JuneĀ 23rd

23 06 2010

Morning all!

I’m blogging from the iPad. Living the dream. It turns out there’s a WordPress App for iPod touch that runs just fine on the bigger screen. Loving it.

Anyway, I suppose you’re wondering what you’re doing today.

ENGLISH – Speech Writing

Coming up on the business end of term means we really need to get these speeches written. I’m going to assume that by this point you’re pretty well informed on your topic, so we can start looking at the steps you’ll need to take in writing the speech itself. Follow this broad format, and you’ll put together something rock-solid.

1. DEFINE YOUR TOPIC: What are you talking about? Don’t pose it as a question – it makes it sound contrived, and like a school debating topic. Talk about it as a free-standing, interesting, relevant issue. Explain your topic in detail. Who is affected by it? What form do those effects take? How long are we as a society likely to feel those effects for? In this section of your speech your goal is to interest and engage your audience, and make them care about your topic.

2. OUTLINE THE PROBLEM: Why is it pertinent to discuss this topic now? What problems are arising through the way it is currently being handled? Feel free to talk this part up to be a little bit bigger than it actually is, as long as you keep things accurate (embellish, don’t invent!!), and you approach the topic from a moderate, balanced, compassionate viewpoint (for example, those talking about legal issues need to be careful not to sound like police at one extreme or criminals at the other, and those talking about population need to be careful not to sound like racists or hippies.)

3: SUGGEST A NEED FOR A NEW APPROACH: Exactly as it sounds. Stress that under current conditions, the situation you describe is heading for disaster.

4: OUTLINE YOUR MODEL: This is where most of your research and thinking come together. How do YOU propose to solve the problem? What systems would you put in place to improve the stare of your topic in the world?

5: SUGGEST AN AMBITIOUS GOAL OR OUTCOME: Give your model something to aim for. Be a little bit more specific than “make the world a better place.”

6: CONCLUDE: Recap the main problems posed by your topic and how your model will help.


Mathletics, y’all. Hit it.