Lord of the Flies Redux – Synopsis Outline

27 05 2010

Yesterday we spoke about the issues at the heart of the plot to Lord of the Flies.  Here’s my quickie synopsis that I wrote – see how it compares to yours:

A group of boys are in a place far removed from their home with no adult involvement, due to circumstances out of their control. After initial agreement, there is division and conflict over how the group should lead & organise itself and behave. One boy manipulates the others into behaving unethically for his own glorification despite the known risks to their safety. The conflict intensifies, and a small group of boys are alienated and persecuted, which leads to the death of 2 of them. Finally, contact is made with their home society, and they are rescued.

Later, we spoke about the central events of the plot so that we could rewrite it, set in today’s world.  We figured that the key points were as follows:

  • A group of young people find themselves in an inescapable situation due to poor adult decisions, with no adult involvement.
  • A group forms and agrees upon leadership, rules, and etiquette.
  • Conflict emerges between two strong personalities.
  • One strong personality takes advantage of a rumour and uses it to manipulate the others into behaving unethically.
  • The conflict intensifies, and the 3 young people who have not been manipulated are made outcasts and persecuted.  The following conflict leads to the deaths of two of them
  • Finally, adult intervention ends the conflict.

Your job from here is to take these key plot points, and write them into a plot synopsis for a new version based on the old ideas.

If you’re looking for ideas as to how they might be refugees from something, have a look at this.