Work in update

27 10 2010

Hi All,

Tomorrow is the second to last day of painting…  2 hours tomorrow and 4 hours on Friday.  Come in ready to go.  Everyone should be finished by the end of Friday in order to do a reflection and have it all wrapped by the end of next week.

Here is the latest work in update:  work in as of 271010.


A catch up lesson!!

27 10 2010

Today you are being given the zone to catch up on work and organise your folios and your S & E folder on your Macbooks. I have a file that you are welcome to view to ensure that all your work is in order and completed. Below is an outline.

1. Maps of Different regions in WA – Regions, Mining Centres, Climatic Regions
2. Factors that control climate.
3. Drawing Climatic Regions
4. Comparing Climatic Regions
5. Climatic Graph Assessment Task
6. Swan river Colony
7. Convicts of the Swan River Colony
8. Battle of Pinjarra
9. Establishing the Swan River Colony Assessment Task
10. A State Law
11. Gold Newspaper Article
12. Money on the Goldfield
13. Living on the Goldfields Handout.
14. Federation “Who’s Who”
15. Federation handout.

Once this is done, please come and show me your completed file.

Mrs Ingleson


26 10 2010

Please open this site for an introduction to the Federation of Australia.

Work in Update

25 10 2010

Hi All,

Here is the latest work in update as of 5:00pm

Work in update 251010

For the T&E marking session tomorrow, your self-evaluation should encompass comment regarding how you think your project came together, what the difficulties were and if you were to do the project again, what might you do differently?  What did you learn by doing the project?

Mr Pearce and I should be finished by the end of period 3.

-Mr M

Work in update…

20 10 2010

work in as of 201010

Here you go…  tomorrow painting, and then presentations in the arvo.

Remember, if you haven’t handed in your investigation for Art, please don’t get materials out, as I will ask you to put them away and finish your investigation.  Thank you.

-Mr M

One person’s view on education

16 10 2010

Have a look at part 1 of this recent interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the Daily Show (on Comedy Central), an often left-wing program that makes fun of American politics and politicians.



Around the 1:45 minute mark she talks about growing up in a place where there was little hope for young black people, but how those around her gave her the keys to success.

Imagine if she can accomplish the amazing things that she has done from such an oppressive upbringing, what is possible for all of you with the opportunities that you have every day!

-Mr M

Hmmm… food for thought.

16 10 2010

Hi All,

Have a look at this:

After only one day of keeping students in to complete work still owing at recess and lunch, this mass submission of work was the result!  More work in than I have ever received at one time all Term 3.  Hmmm…