Here is some clarification about what you should be able to do and understand in Technology and Enterprise:

Technology and Enterprise Design and Technology Expected Standards C Grade Descriptors


Photo Publishing:

To culminate the photography projects, I am looking for 4 photos to be published.  This ‘publishing’ can take any format that you wish, as long as it is negotiated with me.  You can present them in a keynote, print them onto a poster, frame them, enter them into an online photography contest – you decide.

The elements required:

1.  Published:  See above

2.  Reflection:  Tell me how it went – tell me about process (hard, easy), subject matter (inanimate, human), composition (rule of thirds, fill the frame, etc), still life or capturing motion, message of your photo (what are you depicting, what are we to take from your photo), why you made the choices that you made, what is your favourite picture and why, how many photos did it take to get what you wanted, and more…

Good luck!

-Mr M

Here is the document that will be used to assess you for your CO2 Racers and your Jewellery tasks:

Don’t forget to do your reflection on your project prior to marking week 2.

-Mr M


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