The Creation Project

Here are the minutes and tasks from yesterday’s committee meeting.  Thank you to Chelsea for taking notes.

Minutes from committee meeting 021110


Here is where we will post news, minutes, links, assessments and any other specific information required for our Creation Project.  The Exhibition is on for December 2, 2010.

Meeting minutes:

first meeting… Liam.

the creation project minutes 300710

Updated results above…


  • Painting activity
  • Peter Max
  • Masks
  • Sketches
  • Graffiti


  • Photography
  • CO2 Racers
  • Metal work
  • Remote cars
  • Jewelry

You need to start looking at the projects that you have elected to complete.

Likely, if you have chosen a project that is not ordinary, you will need to provide your own resources, but check with the Resources Committee to confirm this is the case.

Your investigation needs to take the following format:

  1. Brainstorm – all of the things about the item that you are creating that is important (for instance, if you are doing masks, you might brainstorm all of the different colours, designs, etc you might use).
  2. Now list the designs you think you will use.
  3. Now you need to take 6 examples from the world and analyse them.  What are the good parts of each, what are the parts that need changing?  Study the aspects that you like from examples you have found.
  4. Now determine what aspects you will be using for your project and do a sketch / plan for how you will put it together.  This should be a detailed multi-view look.  Maybe use sketch-up to do this modeling.
  5. What resources will you need to do this project and list them.
  6. Now have a really thorough think about procedure.  List the steps that you will need to take, and what resources are required at each step.  A spreadsheet will assist with this (maybe three columns: step number, step requirement, resources required).
  7. Now outline what issues you think you will have in the process of creation.  What might you have difficulty with, need skills to do, etc.  This is so that we can get you the assistance you will need to complete your project.

Once you have completed this investigation on your Macs, submit it to me via email to get approval to get started.  We will be in the Art room for all of weeks 5, 6 and 7 with occasional breaks for an English task on Picture books.

Start with T&E!!!!  This is the expertise we have on tap for the moment.

You need to choose 2 from Art and 2 projects from T&E (unless I have indicated that your project is big enough to count for two).

You will need to perform the investigation above for all projects undertaken.


4 responses

25 07 2010

Before embarking on your initial committee activity, let’s remember that this is a representative system, which means that you are managing this process for the group. Remember what you learned on Friday – you will only succeed by working together as a class. You must consult with the rest of the group for big decisions.

Let’s take a look at what each of the groups will be working on for Monday committee time:

Finance: You will be exploring the needs of the group, making some estimations about raw material costs, venue costs, what else will we need money for Creation Project? Out of house expertise? Excursions to art galleries, etc. You will likely need to consult with the Curriculum Committee and the Attendance Committee to get an idea of what they are planning. Begin the conversation of what you will sell. Begin the conversation of whether or not we need to raise money.

Time Management Committee: You will be looking at where we will need to be going and when. We have a couple of obligations in terms of other assessments including Aries Technology, explicit English tasks and more. See me, Curriculum and Project Management to see where they are at in terms of devising a schedule for the rest of the term. I will need to be a part of this schedule creation process. Find me when you have a draft.

Project Management Committee: As you will need to consult with a lot of different groups at different times, you should begin the discussion about how the end result may look. What are the requirements at the end, such as security, display, etc. This will start to create a series of tasks and issues that will need to be worked through. Try to envisage everyone at the exhibition and see what is around you, at the door, on the walls, etc. What will need to happen to make this vision come true.

Curriculum Committee: You have some important decisions to make straight away. You need to work out what tasks the class will do from Art and D&T. See me for the scope and sequence documents, and look at the two documents I loaded in the Art and D&T pages of the class blog. How will you make decisions that will make everyone happy to participate. What is appropriate for an exhibition? Will photos be easier to sell than technical drawings? Remember the audience at the end. Consult with finance – are we selling things? If so, who will buy a technical drawing? You must choose two projects from each class to complete. Will you offer other suggestions? If so, how?

Advertising Committee: You need to start thinking about what we are doing, what the exhibition will look like and how we will start to get people involved. Do we need sponsors (ask finance and project management committees)? If so, who will you look for? How will we entice them? Letter, phone call? What about the final exhibition? What advertisement is required for getting people to the show? Postcard invites, posters?

Food/Entertainment: You need to start thinking about the set-up of the venue and what entertainment will be available. Check with finance – will there be enough money to do anything? If not, how will we handle this? Are we preparing food for the exhibition? If so, what, how much, what kind? What entertainment is required, if any on the night? What will the dress code be? Start by envisaging the event. What do you see when you close your eyes? How do we get there… ? You will need to chat with Project Management too. What is the venue again?

Attendance Committee: You need to start thinking about where we need to be around the school at what times. Liaise with Resources and Time Management to see that we are all on the same page with this. You need to start making some decisions about who will be attending the Project Creation Exhibition. Who will be visiting the school to help us? Where will we need to go to get an idea of what art or design and technology is? What do we need to see or do to make sure we are doing our best to represent ideas through our art and projects? Consult with Finance to see how much money we have for excursions and activity. How can we ensure that everyone is participating and engaging in lessons? Time will be tight – you need to ensure everyone is participating appropriately to contribute to the group. Attendance is more than just showing up for class…

Documenting Committee: Your job already started when I filmed the first board meeting. Pretend that we are going to be global news. What will we want to record from our process in order to tell the story of Project Creation. As story tellers, what media will you use to convey the Project Creation story? How will you splice together bits and pieces to deliver an engaging tale about the journey we will undertake this semester. Your Committee will likely culminate with a film and maybe a website along the way. You decide what, how and with whom we do this… Speak with Time Management Committee to deliver a timeline that means on the 2nd of December you have a finished project to screen on the night. Also speak with Resources and Project Management to see where and how it will be screened on the night.

Resources Committee: you need to start looking at what you need to make this exhibition work. What resources do you need to the Art and D&T course – consult with Curriculum Committee for this. What will we need for rooming to get projects finished? Consult with Time Management to sort out the bookings for different rooms at school. What resources and expertise will we need in class if the teacher lacks skills? Do we need to get guest lectures from Mr. Pearce and Ms. Warriner? Probably. How will we manage this? Consult with finance to see what money will be available.

13 08 2010

This link takes you to the updated votes on what you will be creating. Check it out and tell me (comment) if you want to change anything and what you want to change to.

19 08 2010
Jessica Butler

hey mr mcullen,
sorry about my absence at the moment im in the hospital, i had an operation wednesday night for my appendix to be removed. iv been here since wednesday afternoon, doctors told me to relax so im guessing that means no work 😀
jess butler(:

24 11 2010

The URL takes you to the download link for the advertising poster.

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